Electric Juice Dispenser 2 Tank 18 + 18 Liter


Electric Juice Dispenser 2 Tank 18 + 18 Liter

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Chefglobe Electric Juice Dispenser 2 Tank, providing double tank ample beverage supply, making it highly suitable for a variety of occasions such as restaurants, hotels, cinemas, and more. It has double tank which can accommodate different types of beverages, to meet your various beverage needs.

Product Specification:

Capacity                   :  18x 2 (36 Liter)
Size (approx)          : 410x450x665mm
Weight (approx)    : 27Kg
Body                         : Stainless / ABS Plastic Jar
Volts                         : 220V/50Hz
Power                       : 360W
Compressor            : Wanhob Hitachi
Warranty                 : 1 Year Machine & 1.5 Year For Compressor

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Product Description

Chefglobe electric juice dispenser is a device designed to store and dispense beverages, typically fruit juices or other chilled beverages, in a convenient and hygienic manner. These machines are commonly used in restaurants, cafes, juice bars, buffets, and other food service establishments where there is a demand for serving chilled beverages efficiently.

Components and Features

1. Dispensing Mechanism:

  • The main feature of the dispenser is its dispensing mechanism, which allows users to easily pour out the desired amount of juice.
  • Some models may have a lever, push-button, or tap-style dispenser.

2. Storage Tanks:

  • Electric juice dispensers typically have multiple storage tanks, each holding a different flavor of juice or beverage.
  • The tanks are usually made of transparent plastic or glass, allowing users to see the contents and monitor the juice levels.

3. Cooling System:

  • To keep the beverages chilled and refreshing, electric juice dispensers are equipped with a cooling system.
  • This system may include a refrigeration unit or a cooling coil that chills the juice as it flows through.

4. Temperature Control:

  • Our electric juice dispensers feature temperature automatic static settings,  the cooling temperature to suit their preferences.
  • This ensures that the beverages remain at the optimal serving temperature.

5. Drip Trays:

  • Drip trays are often included to catch any spills or drips, keeping the serving area clean and tidy.
  • Some drip trays are removable for easy cleaning.

6. Construction:

  • Electric juice dispensers are typically made of durable materials such as stainless steel or food-grade plastic.
  • This ensures longevity and easy maintenance, as well as compliance with hygiene standards.


  1. Preparation: Fill the storage tanks with the desired beverages, ensuring they are properly chilled beforehand.
  2. Power On: Turn on the dispenser and activate the cooling system if necessary.
  3. Dispensing: Use the dispenser mechanism to pour out the desired amount of juice.
  4. Maintenance and Cleaning

    • Regular cleaning is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination.
    • Clean the storage tanks, dispensing mechanisms, and drip trays regularly with warm, soapy water.
    • Ensure all components are thoroughly dried before reassembly.
    • Follow manufacturer instructions for any specific cleaning or maintenance procedures.


    1. Convenience: Electric juice dispensers allow for easy and efficient serving of chilled beverages.
    2. Versatility: They can dispense a variety of juices and other beverages, catering to different tastes and preferences.
    3. Hygiene: Transparent storage tanks allow users to monitor juice levels and cleanliness, while drip trays help keep serving areas clean.
    4. Automated Temperature Control: Temperature settings ensure that beverages are served at the optimal temperature for enjoyment.
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