Commercial Bread Slicer 16mm


Commercial Bread Slicer 16mm

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Commercial Bread Slicer with a 16mm slice thickness setting is a valuable piece of equipment for bakeries and food establishments that require efficient, precise, and consistent bread slicing capabilities. With its adjustable thickness settings, safety features, durability, and high-speed operation, it streamlines the bread slicing process, enhances productivity, and ensures uniform slice sizes for optimal customer satisfaction.

Product Specification:

Vol.:220V 50Hz 0.25kW
N/G Weight:59/76
Slicing Blades :  Imported from Japan
Max bread length : 380mm.
Production capacity :200-300pcs/h.
Motor  Copper Inside
Thickness platform : 1mm stainless steel
Slicing thickness: 16mm
Warranty : 1 Year For Manufacturing Defect




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Original price was: ₹52,000.00.Current price is: ₹45,000.00. Excluding Tax

Availability:78 in stock

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Product Details

Commercial Bread Slicer with a 16mm slice thickness setting is a  equipment designed for slicing bread efficiently and consistently in commercial settings such as bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and sandwich shops.

1. Slice Thickness:

  • 12mm Thickness: The bread slicer is configured to produce slices with a thickness of 12 millimeters, providing uniformity in slice size for consistent presentation and portion control.

2. Adjustable Thickness Settings:

  • Variety of Thickness Options: While this specific slicer is set to a 12mm thickness, many commercial bread slicers offer adjustable thickness settings to accommodate different types of bread and customer preferences.
  • Versatility: Adjustable thickness settings allow operators to produce slices of varying thicknesses to meet diverse customer preferences, from thin sandwich slices to thicker toast slices.

3. Cutting Mechanism:

  • Blade System: The slicer typically features a set of sharp, serrated blades that slice through loaves of bread with precision and efficiency.
  • Even Slicing: Advanced blade systems ensure even slicing across the entire loaf, resulting in uniform slices without tearing or squishing the bread.

4. Safety Features:

  • Safety Guards: Commercial bread slicers often come equipped with safety guards or shields to protect operators from accidental contact with the blades during operation.
  • Emergency Stop Button: Some models feature an emergency stop button for immediate halting of the slicing process in case of emergencies or equipment malfunction.

5. Construction and Durability:

  • Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the demands of commercial use, bread slicers are typically constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics.
  • Easy to Clean: Smooth, hygienic surfaces and removable crumb trays facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring food safety and sanitation standards are met.
  • Suitable for Various Bread Types: Commercial bread slicers can handle a wide range of bread types, including artisan loaves, baguettes, sandwich bread, and more.
  • Other Applications: In addition to slicing bread, some models may also be used to slice other baked goods such as cakes, pastries, and rolls.




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