Electric 2 Deck 6 Tray Oven Digital


Electric 2 Deck 6 Tray Oven Digital

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Chefglobe Electric 2 Deck 6 Tray Oven Digital Suitable for preparing freshly baked goodsused in commercial kitchens, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants for baking various food items such as pastries, bread, pizzas, and cookies.

Product Specification:

Dimension: 1650*850*1240mm
Power: 380V/50Hz/16.4KW
N/G Weight:115/135Kg
Details:Tray size: 400*600mm
Aluminum plated chamber.
Chamber size: 1310*670*220 mm
Warranty : 1 Year For Manufacturing Defect

1.With overheat/overload protection.
2.With leakage protection.
3.With timer control.
4.Upper fire 6 heaters. Lower fire 6 heater.

Availability:4 in stock

93,000 (18% Taxes Extra) :- 109,740 (Including Taxes)

Availability:4 in stock

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Product Details

1.Front Stainless steel, firm and durable.

2. Digital panel,accurately temperature and baking time control with alarm,overheat protection,temperature up to 400 ºC.

3.Independent control of upper fire and lower fire to create the best bread cooking temperature for you.

4.Special design of inter-layer type gas transport corridor to ensure the gas burning safely.

5.Fit for open kitchen , supper market, bakery workshop.

1. Double Oven Configuration:

  • Double Deck: The oven typically consists of a single deck or baking chamber, providing ample space for baking on trays or baking sheets.
  • Tray Capacity: Designed to accommodate one tray or baking sheet at a time, allowing for efficient baking of smaller batches or individual items.

2. Electric Heating System:

  • Electric Power Source: Powered by electricity, the oven features electric heating elements that generate heat to bake food evenly and efficiently.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Advanced heating technology ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the baking chamber, resulting in consistent baking results.

3. Digital Controls:

  • Precise Temperature Control: Digital controls offer precise temperature regulation, allowing users to set and maintain the desired baking temperature with accuracy.
  • Programmable Settings: Some models feature programmable settings for storing frequently used baking parameters, providing convenience and consistency in baking operations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Digital displays offer an intuitive interface for setting baking parameters, making it easy to operate and monitor the oven.
  • 4. Timer Function:

    • Baking Timer: The oven feature a built-in timer function that allows users to set the baking time for precise control over the baking process.
    • Countdown Display: Digital displays often show a countdown of the remaining baking time, allowing users to monitor the progress of the baking cycle.

    5. Interior Lighting:

    • Illuminated Interior: Ovens are equipped with interior lighting that illuminates the baking chamber, allowing users to monitor the baking process without opening the oven door.
    • LED Lighting: Energy-efficient LED lighting provides bright and even illumination, enhancing visibility inside the oven.

    6. Temperature Range:

    • Adjustable Temperature: Users can typically adjust the temperature settings within a specific range to suit different baking requirements and recipes.
    • Preheat Function: Models offer a preheat function that quickly brings the oven to the desired temperature, reducing wait times and optimizing baking efficiency.
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