SS Electric Cotton Candy Machine Indian


SS Electric Cotton Candy Machine Indian

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Product Specification:-
Voltage                    : 220V/50Hz
Power                      : Electric
Unit                         : 1 Unit / Hr
Out Put                   : 2 Unit/ 30s
Pan Dia                   : 520mm
Size                          : 86.36 × 76.2 × 50.8 cm
Material of Pan     : S/S &  S/S Body
Weight                    : 10 Kg
Packing Item         : Carton+Foam
Transport Package  : Carton+Foam
Warranty                   : 1 Year For Manufacturing Defect

Availability:10 in stock

13,500.00 Excluding Tax

Availability:10 in stock

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Product Description

A commercial Indian type cotton candy machine with 1 HP (Horsepower) is a specialized equipment used for producing cotton candy. These machines are designed specifically for the Indian market and are widely used in various commercial settings such as fairs, carnivals, amusement parks, malls, and other entertainment venues.

Advantages of Cotton Candy Machine

Here are some key features and advantages of a commercial Indian type cotton candy machine:

  1. High Production Capacity: A 1 HP cotton candy machine is equipped with a powerful motor that enables high-speed production. This allows operators to produce a large quantity of cotton candy in a short period, ensuring efficient and timely service during busy events or peak hours.
  2. Easy Operation: Commercial Indian type cotton candy machines are designed for user-friendly operation. They typically feature intuitive controls and switches, allowing operators to adjust heat settings, spinning speed, and other parameters with ease. This ensures consistent and quality cotton candy output, even for novice operators.
  3. Efficient Heating System: The heating system in these machines is designed for quick and efficient melting of sugar. The 1 HP motor generates ample heat to melt the sugar granules rapidly, transforming them into fine threads of cotton candy. This efficient heating system results in faster production times and reduces waiting periods for customers.
  4. Durable Construction: Commercial Indian type cotton candy machines are constructed with durable materials to withstand continuous use in a commercial environment. They are typically made of high-quality stainless steel or other food-grade materials, which provide durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of cleaning.
  5. Safety Features: These machines prioritize safety during operation. They are equipped with safety features such as heat-resistant handles, safety locks, and guards to prevent accidental contact with the heating element. These features minimize the risk of burns or other accidents, ensuring a safe working environment for operators and customers.
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